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Senior Project Manager (HCM/HAN)


The (Senior) Project Engineer assists in field and office engineering activities and provides the support required to obtain, evaluate, coordinate, distribute, and record information and obtain all authorizations needed to construct the project.

Main Duties/Responsibilities

  • Organizing and supervising the security team to ensure all members are competent to undertake their duties in access control, patrolling, and other duties from time to time;
  • Completing all necessary papers works and reports as required by the Property Manager in the domains of security, maintenance and repair of the facility on the premises;
  • Performing periodically inspections of facility, training schedules as required and set out by Property Manager;

Others responsibilities

  • Assisting in the marketing of the property development;
  • Other responsibilities and duties assigned by upper management from time to time


  • Experience in managing a security guard team;
  • Have general knowledge of and appreciation of common facilities (power, treated water, wastewater, firewater, and lighting system) in a general workshop in the light industry;
  • General knowledge of green zone maintenance;
  • Experience in firefighting and prevention and labor safety;
  • Basic skills in using Microsoft Word and Excel;
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