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IP Architectural/Structural Design Manager


Managing and overseeing the whole project from Schedule management, coordination and reporting, tendering and procurement, consultant appointment, defining scope of work for work packages and consultants, value engineering, budget management and reporting, change management, coordination of specialist design packages, coordination with key stakeholders’

Main Duties/Responsibilities

  • Assist with consultant appointment and defining consultant’s scope of work
  • Managing Design Process
  • Managing and reporting on local authority submissions.
  • Managing the Local Architect of Record/Authority submissions consultant
  • Initiating and managing Value Engineering design process as required.
  • Reviewing and recommending technical submissions by tenderers
  • Commenting/Compiling/Advising on design schedules and timelines
  • Reporting on critical design milestones and critical issues. 
  • Runs design meetings.
  • Checking BOQs, contracts, RFPs.
  • Coordinating with the leasing team
  • Answering RFIs, 
  • Reviewing shop drawings and material submissions from contractors.
  • Coordinating consultants.
  • Coordinating with the MEP design manager and MEP team.
  • Signing off Minutes Of Acceptance for design stages by design consultants.
  • Reviewing, commenting, approving, and rejecting design documentation by design consultants
  • Resolve problems and coordination issues.
  • Leading and tracking local authority approvals.
  • Ensuring Electronic Document management system is being implemented by design team and coordinating with project controls team.
  • Coordinating and liaising with Local Authorities, Local Architect of Record, PCCC to ensure timely receipt of permits and approvals
  • Coordinating with utility companies to ensure timely connection of utilities.
  • Assisting with design coordination
  • Determining requirements for predesign surveys and testing

Others responsibilities

  • Role is Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6pm but must be able to work for extended hours of the night and even during Saturdays and Sundays as required by the Project.


Education Required:

  • Role is Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6pm but must be able to work for extended hours of the night and even during Saturdays and Sundays as required by the Project.

* Required Skills/Experience:

  • At least five (8) years of continuous experience in the construction industry, with exposure to Industrial projects, with extensive experience of PEB, infrastructure and experience of design of Ready built warehouse, ready built factory, built to suit factory and or logistics centers.
  • Has been directly involved from the start until completion of the construction of delivery of Logistics terminals, warehouses and light industrial construction projects in a senior role as a Design Manager.
  • Must be proficient in the use of Computer, MS Office, MS Project and some experience with Autocad software.
  • Experience with Acconex, Asite, Conject or any similar Project Management system is preferred.
  • Must be familiar with all local design and fire fighting regulations and submission sequences
  • Knowledge of key Industrial Park Projects (IT infra, Power infrastructure,.) preferred
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