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CORE5 Hai Phong: Rising World Class Factory For Lease

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In recent years, Vietnam has quickly become a rising industrial destination, with a highly increasing number of industrial projects and international manufacturing collaborations. With its low labour costs and arterial marine traffic area between Europe and the Americas, Vietnam is the new top choice for manufacturing corporations worldwide as well as investors looking to establish world class factory for lease. Such a statement could be seen in the rapid increase in FDI capital statistics.

Additionally, the real estate market in Vietnam is foreseen to have a significant potential outburst in the near future. In particular, the industrial construction sector is the segment that accounts for the highest percentage of shares. The industrial land, as a result, has been escalating in terms of price.

More and more enterprises are moving their factories to Vietnam.
More and more enterprises are moving their factories to Vietnam. Photo by Pexels

World class factory for lease  – The current trend in Vietnam

As mentioned, with the quick rise in terms of reliability points as a cost-wise investment country and the number of industrial construction projects going on in Vietnam, a new business trend of ready-built factories for lease has recently been found to meet the demand of investors.

Furthermore, many investors now switch from building and leasing industrial lands for the long term to short-term rentals at a lower cost. Such transformation creates conditions and demands for a newly-rising market: ready-built factors for lease.

Understanding the insights of the market, many investors are changing the way they design and plan projects. There are various sizes of high-quality factory for lease compared to the past, along with other extra services such as management consulting, labour leasing, etc.  In other words, the industry is rapidly changing from a traditional, high-budget, rigid sector into a cost-friendly service industry.

Read more about the industrial leasing market in Vietnam in this article.

Three reasons for choosing a high-quality factory for lease over building

Have tailored and customised plans that match the demand

Designing, planning, and building a factory has never been an easy problem, even for big manufacturing companies. There are many challenges to deal with, such as legal procedures, designing a factory that not only fits the demand but is also cost-effective and operations-ready, etc.

As a result, leasing a ready-built factory for rent is the most optimal choice for businesses. There is no need to worry about all these concerns; the company owners can now focus only on operating and managing the business. Solving the problems, analysing demands, and planning tailored plans that match the company’s demands—leave that for the experts.

Save cost remarkably

As stated above, the cost of planning, designing, and building a factory is so huge that any business, no matter how big, has to consider it. Plus, it is uncertain whether that investment will turn out successfully or not. 

On the other hand, picking a high-quality factory for lease is far less expensive. Business owners don’t need to worry much about the time and cost of long, complicated legal procedures since the leasing agent will be in charge. There is no need to think about overspending on production, materials, and human resources for the process of designing and constructing.

Most importantly, their minds will be free from the anxiety of choosing the wrong or ineffective building plan for the business since the experts will consult them through the process.

Start the production procedure as soon as possible 

It may take months or years to successfully build a factory. Depending on the capacity of the factory, the time consumed may vary from a few months to years; from the business owner’s perspective, this is such a risky and low-return investment. Leasing a ready-built factory so that the company can start producing immediately and maybe see its investment pay off in just a few months seems to be a smarter choice.

In this fast-moving society where the market could change rapidly, the ones who can move fast to lead the change are the ones who will be successful. Using money and time wisely is the right mindset and strategy that every businessperson should have.

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CORE5 Hai Phong – World class factory for lease

With years of experience in the field, CORE5 is indeed integrating with the market, leading the trend to found the CORE5 Hai Phong, a mega-modern industrial park with a series of world class factory for lease.

Some highlights about CORE5 Hai Phong - the world class factory for lease project.
Some highlights about CORE5 Hai Phong – the world class factory for lease project. Image by CORE5 Vietnam.

High-Quality Facilities

As customers become more and more concerned about product quality and the competition in the market becomes more intense than ever, every company needs to focus on quality development. As a result, every investor has high requirements for the factory’s facilities.

With years of experience working in the industry for top-tier multinational companies, CORE5 understands the paramount criteria of quality assurance for well-known worldwide brands. All of CORE5 Hai Phong’s factories are equipped with high-quality machines and materials, ensuring smooth industrial processes and efficient workflows.

To add in, the factories are designed by experienced architects and engineers who understand the pain points and standards of the manufacturing industry, making sure that clients can rent factories with world-class standard facilities with confidence in mind.

Strategic location for accessibility

Located in a strategic location, only 125 kilometres away from Hanoi, CORE5 Hai Phong is the best option for renting in terms of accessibility. From the park, it takes only a few hours to access major transportation hubs such as Lach Huyen Sea Port and Cat Bi International Airport. Corporates can ensure seamless logistics and transportation procedures as well as quick and convenient domestic and international travel.

CORE5 Hai Phong has a strategic location.
CORE5 Hai Phong has a strategic location. Image by CORE5 Vietnam.

Approachable Support Services and Business Resources

Having a strategic location is not enough for running a cost-effective factory; a business needs a system of services, a supply chain, and resources that support the production process. At CORE5, the ecosystem that assists the factory is ready-built. Besides, being situated in an environment that includes relevant potential business partners is an effective strategy for small and medium-sized manufacturers that are on the rise.

Last but not least, the companies could benefit from CORE5’s network of service providers in a broad variety of industries: finance, legal, marketing, advertising, etc.

There is no need to worry about the quality of the facilities, the location of the place, or the supporting system for the production procedure; CORE5 is a great choice for any corporation that is looking for a world class factory for lease.

Customizability to Meet Clients’ Specific Needs

One of the most distinguished points of the project that sets it apart from the previous ones is its customizability to meet most businesses’ demands. As mentioned, the need for short-term rentals in factories at a lower cost is increasing; hence, at CORE5 Hai Phong, there are many options for clients to choose from, varying in facilities and infrastructure.

According to the client’s demands and requirements, the CORE5 team will accommodate the proper estate to match the needs. Based on specific layout configurations, specialised equipment installations, or tailored amenities, the team will work closely with each client to find out the most suitable plan for them as well as deliver the customised factory space as expected.

Interested investors can find more information about CORE5 Hai Phong’s world class factory for lease through this link.

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