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Unlocking the Potential: A Factory for Lease with Nice Location in Quang Ninh for Business Growth

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Whether you are an established corporation searching for a new production hub or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to launch your next big venture, choosing a place to base your factories has never been an easy decision to make. What is the best place that optimises the budget and boosts the benefit?

Search no further than Quang Ninh, the ideal province in Northern Vietnam. Located near the capital city and major international gateways, Quang Ninh is a great location to lease a factory.

We will dive deep into why you should choose this province and then introduce you to one of the best choices of factory for lease with nice location in Quang Ninh.

Why should you lease a factory in Quang Ninh?

Strategic location

When considering expanding or relocating your business, location is a crucial factor that can make or break your success. Quang Ninh, with its strategic position in Vietnam, offers a host of benefits for businesses looking to lease a factory and tap into the region’s economic growth.

First and foremost, Quang Ninh boasts excellent connectivity. Situated in close proximity to major transportation hubs, such as international airports and seaports, the province provides easy access to global markets. This means reduced transportation costs and increased efficiency for your business operations.

Additionally, Quang Ninh is well connected by an extensive network of highways and railways, ensuring seamless distribution of goods and raw materials.

Quang Ninh has a beautiful landscape with significant international accessibility.
Quang Ninh has a beautiful landscape with significant international accessibility. Photo from Báo điện tử Chính phủ.

Highly skilled workforce

Quang Ninh is home to a skilled and motivated workforce. The province has made significant investments in education and vocational training, resulting in a highly skilled labour pool.

From engineers to technicians and production line workers, you can find the right talent to meet your business needs. The workforce in Quang Ninh is not only skilled but also hardworking and dedicated, ensuring the highest quality output for your business.

Besides, it is near Hanoi, the capital city of the country, so you can not only attract talents from Quang Ninh but from Hanoi and other neighbouring provinces as well.

Modern infrastructure

In terms of infrastructure, Quang Ninh is at the forefront of development. The province has invested heavily in modernising its industrial parks, ensuring top-notch facilities for businesses. 

The factory for lease with nice location in Quang Ninh will be equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technology, allowing you to stay at the cutting edge of your industry. With a focus on sustainability, the factory also incorporates eco-friendly features, contributing to a greener and more responsible production process.

Deep C Quang Ninh Industrial Park looking from above.
Deep C Quang Ninh Industrial Park looking from above. Photo from Tạp chí Kinh tế và Dự báo.

The best factory for lease with nice location in Quang Ninh

After understanding the benefits of the factory for lease in Quang Ninh, we believe that many people have started to show interest in choosing the province as the place to base their factory. Hence, let us introduce you to one of the newly-rising industrial parks in the area that will satisfy your demand in terms of location, facilities, and design: CORE5 Quang Ninh.

Prime location

Nestled in Deep C Quang Ninh Industrial Park, which is 2 hours drive away from Mong Cai International Border Gate, 20 kilometres from Cat Bi International Airport, and 14 kilometres from Lach Huyen International Deep Water Port, CORE5 Quang Ninh provides the most convenient and fast transportation experience for tenants.

CORE5 Quang Ninh has a strategic location.
CORE5 Quang Ninh has a strategic location. Illustration from CORE5.

What makes it even more impressive is that this factory for lease in Quang Ninh is connected with the capital city of Hanoi through an expressway. Not only could your company be able to deliver back and forth between Quang Ninh and Hanoi, but it also means that you can attract lots of human resources from there to your company!

Furthermore, CORE5 Quang Ninh is favoured to be situated near Guangzhou, one of China’s production centres. For the manufacturing industry, locating near Guangzhou will be a huge advantage since it is easy and fast to trade goods and materials with Chinese suppliers, who are famous for having rich, varied supplies at low prices.

Interested in learning more about factory for lease with nice location in Quang Ninh? Contact the industry expert for further details.

Modern facilities

As mentioned before, Quang Ninh Province is known for having a well-established manufacturing community, most of which is equipped with top-notch facilities that meet international standards.

Hence, by leasing a factory in Quang Ninh’s industrial areas, your company could have the chance to access state-of-the-art equipment and technology that boost the general operation of the business. Such a statement applies to CORE5 Quang Ninh too.

CORE5 - factory for lease with nice location in Quang Ninh.
A simulation of CORE5 Quang Ninh factory for rent, looking from above. Illustration from CORE5.

Specifically, most factories at this CORE5 industrial park are equipped with cutting-edge devices such as fire protection systems, dry cargo compartments, solar panel rooftops, car and motorcycle parking, etc.

Various rental plans

Last but not least, no matter if you are a new start-up kick-starting the business or a big company expanding the capacity, there are many land size options available for lease, from 2,835 sq m to 18,194 sq m.

In summary, leasing a factory in Quang Ninh provides numerous benefits for businesses. From excellent connectivity and access to global markets to a skilled workforce, modern infrastructure, and cost advantages, the province offers an ideal environment for business growth and success.

By choosing Quang Ninh as your business location, you are positioning yourself to unlock the full potential of your enterprise and take advantage of the endless opportunities that await in this thriving region. And if you want to pick up a factory for lease with nice location in Quang Ninh, think of CORE5 Quang Ninh as the first option.

Lead the change to unlock the endless potential of your business today.

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