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Green Benchmarking: Core5 Vietnam Sets New Standards in Industrial Sustainability

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Core5 Vietnam’s initiative to achieve LEED certification for the Hai Phong project is a standout effort towards sustainability, particularly when considering the environmental context of Vietnam’s industrial emissions. The average CO2 emissions from the energy sector in Vietnam were projected to reach 224,000,000 tones annually by 2020, with other key industrial sectors contributing approximately 10,000,000 tones​​. Moreover, Vietnam’s carbon intensity per GDP increased by 48% between 2000 and 2010, and CO2 emissions nearly quadrupled in the decade following, mainly due to coal-based power generation, industrial expansion, and a growing transport sector​​.

In contrast, Core5 Vietnam’s Hai Phong project zones 1A and 1B have reported operational energy carbon emissions of only 976.3 and 934.7 tCO2e/year respectively, which are remarkably low when juxtaposed with the national figures. These numbers represent a strategic and significant reduction in emissions that highlight Core5’s commitment to greener and cleaner industrial solutions. By maintaining such low levels of CO2 emissions, the Hai Phong project not only contributes to Vietnam’s national goals for a sustainable low-carbon economy but also sets a precedent in the industrial real estate industry for environmental responsibility.

The positive environmental impact of such reduced emissions cannot be overstated, as lower greenhouse gas emissions contribute to cleaner air and a reduction in pollution-related health risks. As Vietnam continues to develop economically, Core5’s efforts show a path forward that balances growth with environmental stewardship, aligning with the country’s aim to encourage green technology innovation and reduce the carbon footprint of its industrial sectors.

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