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High-Quality Factory For Lease: An Absolutely Ideal Choice For Manufacturers

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In recent years, Vietnam has become one of the top industrial destinations for many big companies worldwide. Especially after the pandemic, more and more manufacturing corporations are now moving their factories to Southeast Asian countries, with Vietnam being an ideal choice.

As a result, the demand to build a factory in Vietnam is increasing significantly. However, many companies are now considering renting factories instead of building them themselves.

In this article, we will discuss what makes the high-quality factory for lease an ideal choice for manufacturers in the current market.

Why should businesses choose a world-class factory for lease instead of building one?

Save costs significantly

The cost of constructing a new factory is remarkably high, especially for high-tech manufacturing industries. Plus, if the company is new to the country, they do not have enough insights and experience about the market, making them tend to overpay or spend unsuitably.

Hence, finding a high-quality factory for lease is a far better option. Business owners do not need to worry about the costs for production, materials, human resources, etc. since the leasing agent will support them completely on that.

Besides, the leasing agent could, based on the company’s demand, analyse and provide the best rental plan to optimise the company’s budget.

Reduce the waiting time and start producing quickly

Manufacturers can start producing immediately when choosing a high-quality factory for lease.
Manufacturers can start producing immediately when leasing a factory. Photo by Rawpixel.

If the company decides to build factories themselves, then it may take them months to years to wait until the construction is completed before they can start producing. During that time, many things can happen with the economy, the world’s civil issues, the industry, and the company itself. It is uncertain that all the time and money spent on the project will be deprecated soon.

Meanwhile, if the company chooses to rent a ready-built factory, the process is much easier. They only need to decide on a suitable building and sign the necessary documents for leasing; that’s all. After the agreement is legally confirmed, the company can start moving into the factory and producing immediately. It only takes a few months to deprecate the cost of leasing.

Skip the complicated, easy-to-struggle procedures

For multinational companies that just integrate into a new country, it could be such a headache to understand the legal procedures of the new place. No matter how internationalised a country is, it always takes time, fluency in the native language, and deep cultural understanding to adapt to the new legal system.

When picking a high-quality factory for lease through an authorised agent, there is no need to worry about these problems. The agent will represent the company and help them complete all procedures needed. Business owners can skip all complicated, easy-to-struggle procedures to focus on the operation.

Are you looking for a world-class factory for lease in Vietnam? Contact our experts for consultation here.

CORE5 Quảng Ninh: What makes it the ideal high-quality factory for lease?

Strategic location

CORE5 Quang Ninh has an ideal strategic location.
CORE5 Quang Ninh has an ideal strategic location. Image by CORE5.

Located in a strategic location:

  • 2 hours drive from Mong Cai International Border Gate
  • 14 kilometres from Lach Huyen International Deep Water Port
  • 20 kilometres from Cat Bi International Airport

CORE5 Quang Ninh factory for rent offers convenient transportation solutions for tenants. Especially, the industrial park is directly connected to the capital city of Hanoi via the expressway, making it easy to deliver goods across the major logistics centres of the country.

CORE5 Quang Ninh is located near international gateways.
CORE5 Quang Ninh is located near international gateways. Image by CORE5.

To add in CORE5 Quang Ninh is favoured to be situated near Guangzhou, one of China’s production centres, providing fast and convenient trading experiences with Chinese suppliers. In the meantime, famous manufacturing enterprises such as Jinko Solar, Boltun, Skoda, Stavian, and Foxconn have already opened offices in Quang Ninh.

Read more about Quang Ninh’s advantages in industrial real estate development here.

High-quality facilities

Besides having a strategic location, high-quality facilities are another major factor most companies are concerned about. As time goes on, more and more companies with similar products appear, so the big enterprises understand that they must develop the quality of their products to the utmost in order to beat their competitors.

Thus, at CORE5 Quang Ninh, every world-class factory for lease here is equipped with cutting-edge facilities to satisfy the demand of clients to the best, such as fire protection systems, dry cargo compartments, car and motorcycle parking, etc. There are various land sizes, ranging from 2,835 sq m to 18,194 sq m, to choose from. For each factory, there will be an office area with a unique curved wall design and top-notch modern utilities.

The general landscape’s simulation of CORE5 Quang Ninh.
The general landscape’s simulation of CORE5 Quang Ninh. Image by CORE5

Furthermore, factories in CORE5 Quang Ninh will be equipped with solar panels on rooftops for environmental friendliness, outdoor sports corners, and canteen areas, along with a gracefully designed LED system.

Interested in leasing a high-quality factory for lease at CORE5 Quang Ninh? Contact CORE5’s expert for an in-depth consultation.

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