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Discover the Leading Factory for Lease in Hai Phong: Unleashing Your Business Potential

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Are you a business owner looking to take your manufacturing operations to the next level? You had better take a look at Hai Phong, Vietnam’s bustling port city known for its thriving industrial sector.

With its strategic location, skilled workforce, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Hai Phong offers endless opportunities for businesses seeking a factory for lease in Hai Phong with good quality. Whether you are a small start-up or an established multinational, finding the leading factory for lease in Hai Phong is the key to unlocking your manufacturing success.

In this article, we will explore the market for factory for rent in Hai Phong from A to Z, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Advantages of choosing a leading factory for lease in Hai Phong

Advantageous location

Leasing a factory in Hai Phong comes with a multitude of advantages that can significantly benefit your business. One of the most compelling reasons to choose Hai Phong as your manufacturing hub is its strategic location.

Situated on the northeastern coast of Vietnam, Hai Phong serves as a major gateway to international markets. The city’s proximity to key shipping routes and its well-connected transportation network make it an ideal location for businesses looking to import raw materials and export finished products efficiently. 

Hai Phong has a well-connected transportation network.
Hai Phong has a well-connected transportation network. Photo from Cổng Thông tin điện tử thành phố Hải Phòng –

Moreover, Hai Phong’s strategic location allows for easy access to other key economic cities in Northern Vietnam, such as Hanoi, Hung Yen, and Quang Ninh, enabling seamless supply chain management and distribution.

Skilled and abundant workforce

In addition to its advantageous location, Hai Phong boasts a skilled and abundant workforce. The city is home to numerous technical and vocational schools, providing a steady stream of talented individuals ready to contribute to the manufacturing industry. These well-trained professionals possess the necessary expertise in various fields, including engineering, production, and quality control, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

The availability of a skilled workforce in Hai Phong can save your business both time and resources, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your manufacturing process.

Modern infrastructure

Hai Phong’s industrial sector benefits from the city’s investment in state-of-the-art infrastructure. The local government has made investments in building and upgrading industrial parks and zones, ensuring that businesses have access to modern facilities and amenities.

Most industrial parks are equipped with advanced utilities, including reliable power supplies, water treatment facilities, and high-speed internet connectivity. Such infrastructure not only enhances the efficiency of your manufacturing operations but also provides a conducive environment for innovation and technological advancements.


Leasing a factory also offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Unlike purchasing a factory, leasing allows you to have more control over your finances and allocate resources more efficiently.

With leasing, you can choose a factory size that aligns with your current operational needs, and as your business grows, you can easily upgrade to a larger facility without the hassle and financial burden of purchasing additional real estate.

In June 2023, CORE5 Hai Phong, one of the LEED-certified, world-class standardised industrial parks, was open for public rental. CORE5 Hai Phong offers flexible lease terms, allowing business owners to negotiate the duration and rental rates that best suit their business requirements. This flexibility enables companies to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and scale their manufacturing operations accordingly, all while minimising costs.

Interested in learning more about the project? Contact CORE5 for consultation and book an on-site visit to one of their leading factory for lease in Hai Phong.

Understand the factory for lease market in Hai Phong: A general overview

CORE5 Hai Phong - The leading factory for lease in Hai Phong
CORE5 Hai Phong, the general landscape from above. Photo from CORE5.

Types of factories available for lease

When it comes to leasing a factory in Hai Phong, businesses have a wide range of options to choose from. The city offers various types of factories, each catering to different industries and manufacturing processes. Here are some popular types of leading factory for lease in Hai Phong:

Standard factories 

These factories provide a basic layout and design suitable for a wide range of industries. Standard factories often come equipped with essential utilities and facilities, including electricity, water, and office spaces. They offer a cost-effective option for businesses seeking a hassle-free factory leasing experience in Hai Phong.

Built-to-suit factories 

If your business has specific requirements that cannot be fulfilled by a standard factory, a built-to-suit factory might be the ideal choice. Built-to-suit factories are designed and constructed according to your unique specifications, ensuring that every aspect of the facility aligns with your manufacturing needs. This option provides maximum flexibility and customization, allowing you to optimise your production processes.

Warehouse factories

For businesses focused on storage, distribution, and logistics, warehouse factories offer an excellent solution. These factories are designed to accommodate large storage spaces with features such as high ceilings, loading docks, and ample parking areas. Lease options for warehouse factories in Hai Phong are readily available, allowing you to streamline your supply chain and optimise your distribution operations.

Here are some types of leading factory for lease in Hai Phong. Depending on your industry, production processes, and specific requirements, you can find a factory that suits your business needs. 

Interested in learning more about this industrial leasing market in Hai Phong? Click here for further details.

Additional services and amenities offered

Apart from factory spaces, businesses will be supplied with additional services and amenities to enhance their leasing experience. These value-added services can contribute significantly to the success of manufacturing operations. Here are some examples of the services and amenities commonly provided:

On-site management and maintenance

Usually, leasing agents will handle administrative tasks, security, and maintenance, allowing business owners to focus on their core business activities.

Access to shared facilities

When leasing a factory in an industrial park, companies will have access to shared facilities and amenities within the industrial park or zone. These may include training centres, conference rooms, recreational areas, and dining facilities. Access to such shared facilities can foster collaboration and networking opportunities with other businesses in the park, creating a vibrant business community.

CORE5 Hai Phong’s simulation of the general landscape after being completed.
CORE5 Hai Phong’s simulation of the general landscape after being completed. Illustration from CORE5. 

Business support services

To assist businesses in their operations, most leasing agents offer a range of business support services. These may include legal and administrative support, assistance with permits and licences, and access to local market insights. Having access to such services can help ease the burden of navigating the local business landscape, especially for foreign companies expanding into Hai Phong.

CORE5 Hai Phong will be completed in June 2023 and ready to open to public rentals.
CORE5 Hai Phong will be completed in June 2023 and ready for public rentals. Photo from CORE5.

Hai Phong, with its strategic location, skilled workforce, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, offers abundant opportunities for businesses seeking a factory for rent. By considering the available types of factory for lease in Hai Phong with good quality and evaluating additional services and amenities provided by leasing companies, you can make an informed decision on choosing the leading factory for lease in Hai Phong and take your manufacturing operations to new heights. Embrace the possibilities Hai Phong presents and start your journey towards manufacturing success here!

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