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Factory for Lease with International Standards - Top 3 Best Choices in Northern Vietnam

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Vietnam has become one of the top industrial destinations in the Southeast Asia area because of its strategic location for transportation and trading, as well as its low labour costs. Most enterprises that have come to Vietnam in recent years prefer leasing factories rather than building them themselves.

In this post, we will walk you through our top factory for lease with international standards in Vietnam, constructed by the real estate property company CORE5 Vietnam.

CORE5 Quang Ninh: The factory for lease with international standards

Core5 Quang Ninh has an ideal strategic location.
CORE5 Quang Ninh has an ideal strategic location. Illustration from CORE5

Strategic location

Similar to CORE5 Hai Phong, CORE5 Quang Ninh factory for rent is set in an ideal location for industrial manufacturing. It will take only 2 hours to drive from the site to Mong Cai International Border Gate and less than an hour to Cat Bi International Airport. Plus, Quang Ninh province is directly connected to Hanoi, the capital city, by expressways.

Compared to Hai Phong, Quang Ninh is even closer to Guangzhou, China’s production centre. Companies that place their factories in Quang Ninh could experience remarkably simple, fast, and seamless trading activities with Chinese suppliers and customers. For the manufacturing industry, this is the best advantage: China is the centre for importing affordable materials and exporting them for international trading.

CORE5 Quang Ninh is located near international gateways.
CORE5 Quang Ninh is located near international gateways. Illustration from CORE5

Modern facilities

What makes CORE5 Quang Ninh a project worth considering is its high-quality facilities. Every world-class factory for lease in this industrial park, no matter what size or purpose they serve, is equipped with cutting-edge machinery to satisfy the clients’ high demand at its best.

In particular, there are fire protection systems, dry cargo compartments, car and motorcycle parking, and an office with a modern and simple-but-intelligent design. Plus, every factory for lease with international standards is equipped with solar panels, outdoor sports areas, and a canteen with LED lights.

The project is set to be completed in Q4 2023, with a variety of factory for rent sizes available for investors to choose from. Business owners are recommended to contact the leasing agents from now on for reservations.

Interested in this project? Contact the project owner to learn more.

CORE5 Hai Phong: The LEED-certified world-class factory for lease

CORE5 Hai Phong has a strategic location.
CORE5 Hai Phong has a strategic location. Illustration from CORE5

Ideal location for accessibility

Hai Phong is the first province where CORE5 launched its construction projects. With years of experience in the industry, real estate agents are able to choose the ideal site as an industrial park for CORE5 Hai Phong.

Located in a strategic location, only 125 kilometres away from Hanoi, CORE5 Hai Phong has the best advantages in terms of accessibility. It only takes a few hours to travel from the site to major transportation hubs like Cat Bi International Airport and Lach Huyen Sea Port. As a result, the delivery procedure will be significantly faster and, especially, more seamless.

Sufficient supporting systems

Besides getting a strategic location, CORE5 Hai Phong is also designed to have a sufficient system of services, supply chain centres, and resources that supply the production process.

Unlike the typical procedure, in which the company may have to build the necessary supporting systems themselves, at CORE5 Hai Phong, everything is ready-built. The manufacturers only need to move in and start producing immediately.

In short, CORE5 Hai Phong is the factory for lease with international standards that investors could put their trust, time, and money in.

A simulation of CORE5 Hai Phong - the  factory for lease with international standard.
A simulation of CORE5 Hai Phong’s general landscape. Illustration from CORE5

World-class equipments

Last but not least, the industrial park comes with top-notch, world-class-standard facilities, ensuring smooth operation for its clients. To add in, the park is designed by experienced architects who have many insights about the field to understand what a factory for lease with international standards really needs. The client could also ask CORE5 for an in-depth consultation on choosing the best leasing plan that works for them. The plan will include, but is not limited to, choosing factory sizes and locations, as well as legal and financial document preparation.

The project will be ready in June 2023. Click here to learn more about it.

CORE5 Hung Yen: Ideal choice for high-quality human capital

CORE5 Hung Yen's strategic location.
CORE5 Hung Yen’s strategic location. Illustration from CORE5

Prime location

If you want to find a factory for lease with international standards that is near Hanoi, then CORE5 Hung Yen is the project that is worth checking out. With its prime location near Hanoi’s centre, Noi Bai airport, and major ports, CORE5 Hung Yen offers accessibility that puts it beyond other industrial parks in the neighbourhood.

  • Read more: Hung Yen is attracting a high amount of FDI investment. Read more in this article.

Various factory sizes

Similar to CORE5 Hai Phong and Quang Ninh, CORE5 Hung Yen is also designed with various factory sizes: from 2,468 sqm to 27,336 sqm, divided into 3 separate blocks with 22 factories—convenient for clients to choose from.

Top-notch utilities

When it comes to factory facilities, CORE5 Hung Yen is also facilitated with top-notch, world-class equipment, including but not limited to 24/7 security, cafeterias, CCTV, healthcare centres, and recreational areas. The general design of the industrial park is made to ensure environmental friendliness, which is recognised through receiving the prestigious LEED certification for green construction.

CORE5 Hung Yen will be released in Q1 of 2024.

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We have walked you through the top 3 industrial parks with high-quality factories for lease that meet international standards. While CORE5 Hai Phong is nearly at the end of the construction period and ready to hand over to the renters, CORE5 Quang Ninh and CORE5 Hung Yen are still on their way to completion.

With modern facilities, strategic locations, flexible leasing options, and ideal supporting systems, CORE’s industrial parks will be the best choices for investors.

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